5 Great Reasons To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaners are hired by the most successful companies on a global level to keep the workplace clean.

Am eco fresh commercial cleaning service offers a variety of benefits for Winnipeg business owners as well as employees. If you have not started using commercial cleaning services. If you operate a business and currently have your staff doing the cleaning, here are some of the benefits you are missing out on.

You will quickly realize that the cost of commercial cleaners actually pays for itself within a very short time.

1. Lower Administrative Costs

You are a savvy business owner, which means that you are aware that overhead and administrative costs take money away from your profits whether your business operates by an hourly billing system or not. From a purely financial perspective, it makes fiscal sense to hire commercial cleaners.

example of a clean desk area

If you rely on managers and employees to clean the business premises, you are basically paying premium salary rates for cleaning assistance. In contrast, if you were to outsource your office cleaning to a professional cleaning company, you would pay less but still keep your offices clean.

2. Fewer Liability Risks

Business liability for employee accidents and injuries is already high enough without having to incur additional risks associated with employees cleaning the business premises. Even if you simply ask employees to clean the office kitchen, you considerably increase the risk factor when it comes to workplace accidents.

Consider this fact: you hired your staff on the basis of their business skill set. It is likely that the decision to hire them was not influenced by their ability to safely clean a microwave oven or correctly defrost an office kitchen freezer.

If you hire a commercial cleaning service, you will enjoy access to knowledgeable and experienced cleaners and prevent several employee mishaps along the way.

3. Improved Office Morale

Nothing about cleaning is inherently demoralizing, but office morale tends to sink if employees are asked to empty the waste bins of their colleagues, scrub toilets, or even to bring trash bags to the curb. Employee dignity matters more than the miniscule amount of money you potentially save by hiring a professional cleaning service.

4. Fewer Sick Days

Random cleaning tasks are no replacement for the thorough cleaning you get if you hire a commercial cleaning service for your business premises. Simply dusting office equipment and wiping the kitchen counter is not enough to keep prevent the build up if dust, debris, and bacteria.

In the absence of routine thorough office cleaning sessions, employees are likely to accumulate sick days due to things such as sinus infections, flus, colds, and other respiratory ailments. If you hire a commercial cleaning service, however, your company will benefit from less sick days.

5. Consistent Replenishment of Supplies

Certain office supplies are specifically for hygiene and cleanliness, such as toilet paper, hand soap, feminine products, furniture polish, trash bags, paper towels, window cleaner, sanitizers, and disposable bathroom hand towels.

Such supplies usually run out at uneven intervals, which can make it hard to track and replenish them consistently. This is just one more task that a Winnipeg eco fresh cleaning service can help you with. Instead of having a highly paid employee try to monitor this important yet mundane task, you can enjoy the service as part of a package deal offered by a commercial cleaning service.

Tips For Maintaining Office Equipment

Tips For Maintaining Office Equipment

The correct maintenance of your office equipment can prolong their lifespan and will help you cut down on the costs of having them repaired. There are a number of steps that you can take to maintain your equipment without having to complete serious repairs.

Position The Equipment Correctly

The position of your office equipment can greatly impact their lifespan. Putting your equipment in the direct line of heating sources is not recommended as the additional heat can cause the machine to overheat. Putting equipment by a cold wall or window is also not recommended as the extreme temperatures can also cause problems with the mechanics. You should find an area of your office that maintains a medium temperature and place the equipment there.

Attend To Paper Jams Quickly

Paper jams in your printer are more than an inconvenience to you as each jam leaves behind small amounts of paper fiber. These fibers will build up over time and cause major problems in the moving parts of the printer. When you remove paper that has jammed you should also use some compressed air to blow out the area where the jam occurred. This will decrease the amount of paper fiber left behind and will increase the lifespan of your printer.

Clean The Machine Regularly

Removing dust and debris from your office equipment is something that should be done regularly. Dust can cause machines to overheat as the ventilation areas are covered. Debris can cause jams within the moving parts of the machine and this could damage multiple parts which require repair or replacement.

To clean your machines you should use compressed air to blow away the dust. Of course, you will need to be careful when using compressed air on the internal components of the machines as it could push something loose. If the machine has many small parts you need to hold the compressed air a distance from the machine to ensure the air does not disrupt the circuitry.

Have Your Machines Serviced

Regular servicing of your machines is the best way to maintain them and ensure that they do not have to be replaced. The repair professional that you choose should be qualified to look at the equipment and will be able to properly clean the machines. The schedule for your services will vary depending on how often the equipment is used.

The correct positioning of your equipment is important to maintaining them. You should also take the time to clean the machines and to have them serviced by a professional.

Business Owners Office Management Basics

What Does Office Management Entail?

Office management is generally described as the organization and administration of the day to day, auxiliary chores in a front office. These chores are generally the responsibility of the office manager.



Some of these duties may include hiring and supervising the front office employees, approving the ordering and purchasing of office services and supplies, analyzing sales, managing the functions of accounting and much more, basically anything the company owner states is their responsibility.

There is no history, which is traceable, for office management. The job of office manager is usually only found in smaller companies in which the owner depends solely on one individual. In this case the business manager would handle the vast number of tasks required to keep an office functioning. This position is often referred to as as office administration or ‘Admin’

Manager or Admin

Office management positions seem to disappear once a company grows into a corporation. While often there’s an expansion of other departments such as human resources of purchasing, the manager is not generally considered to be part of the management team. They generally do not participate in sessions on management strategies such as ‘increasing sales’. They may, however, be part of the sessions in which cutting back on operating expenses would be discussed.

General Administration Decision Making

This may entail the purchasing of short term supplies such as envelopes, photocopy paper, and letter heads. As well, long term purchases such as telephone systems and any necessities that are ongoing. It may also mean the purchases of company services such as photocopier agreements, phone services etc.

Sales Authority

They may be ideally given the authority to negotiate contracts and accept bids so they oversee the decisions made with sales representatives. It is important for someone in office management to have knowledge on fraudulent business practices. It may also include staffing, this means recruiting, interviewing, hiring and training employees for the office they manage.

Managing Client Services

Office management may also mean that customer service must be monitored, this could entail listening to calls and even answering customer service calls themselves. They may even have to communicate with customers in regards to the services they are receiving from certain departments. Their findings will then regularly have to be reported to the company owner daily and particularly serious situations must be addressed as soon as possible.

Time accounting is another responsibility that may be associated with office management. Service companies that are small like a law firm or advertising agency depend on time billing as a form of revenue. The time sheets from billable employees would be collected and verified for specific jobs.

Compiling and analyzing sales information is often another aspect of office management. This may mean that the profitability of the company linked to certain projects must be calculated and various expenditures kept track of. This is very important to the performance of a company. These details are not something that a company owner will generally know right off the top of their head, therefore, it’s an important aspect of office management.

Although now it may not seem much of a glorious task, completing every task efficiently, no matter how small and mundane it may seem, can help being promoted. This is even true for someone with no business degree. Great administrators and managers are hard to find and good ones are invaluable.

The experience that is gained from successfully running a front office can provide an individual with a variety of skills that are highly transferable.


Office Management Strategies That Can Increase Production Levels

How to Increase Production Levels with Good Management

When you are managing an office with a small group of people, or multiple teams within a large corporation, the strategies that you use are vitally important to the success of your business. When people think of a manager, they often envision an individual that is simply in charge, contributing nothing of actual benefit.

Workers typically see themselves as the people that are holding things together, and moving the company forward. Although this can be true in many cases where managers are simply benefiting from the work of their team, there is much more to managing than simply having the title.

Here’s an overview of management strategies that will inspire your workers, lead to more productivity, and higher profits.

Setting Priorities

If there is one thing that makes it impossible for a company to become successful is the inability of the workers, as well as the manager, to set priorities. Every company is going to have a list of things that must be done every day, and new projects that must also be accomplished. There are only a certain number of hours in a day, even with overtime, and everything needs to be done. This is why it is so important for priorities to be set on each task that needs to be completed. Many of the most successful managers use the strategy of looking at the end result first, the sum total of all of the projects that must be completed, and then they can determine which steps need to be taken first.

Tips On Becoming More Efficient

Part of becoming more efficient is directly connected to setting your priorities early on. When you know which task needs to be completed first, and all of the subsequent ones by order of importance, your efficiency levels are going to definitely improve. However, there is another component of being efficient which can mean the difference between average and above average sales. All of your priorities need to be set in advance, and the people that are the most competent for each part of the project needs to have the right assignment. Understand the competency levels of each person in your office, making sure that those that are the most efficient get the parts where they will do the best. It is only by focusing on priorities, and then designating the people who will do the best with each portion of the things that must be done each day, that you will start to become a much more efficient business.

Know Your Employees

The final step of this process is to actually get to know your employees in much more detail. This is not to say you need to ask questions about their personal life. It is by observing what each employee does with the different jobs that they are given that you can see which ones are the most competent, and where each person should be placed within the office setting in order to provide the most benefit. As long as you know the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, it will be very easy to match them up with the proper task. Once you get to know each person, you will know what to expect from them, and you can assign each project or task to the right individual.

These office management strategies should help you get a fresh start on finding out why your company is not generating as much revenue. If you are already successful, this will take your business to a higher level of productivity and profits in no time at all. You simply need to know what the strengths and weaknesses are of the different people on your team.

Once that is identified, and you can simplify each task that they need to complete, you will be on your way to making more money this year.

Office Administration & Business Management Positions

Are you curious about what it takes to become a business manager? The field of administration is recognized for its fantastic pay. With that in mind, it is important to remember that operating in business administration can likewise be demanding. This is because office supervisors usually have a variety of activities that they are accountable for executing.

Among the most effective methods to tackle identifying if a profession in office management is ideal for you is by checking out the skills that are typically needed for employment. Prior to doing so, it is necessary to keep in mind that you will discover a variation. Several firms employ office managers, however not all need their office managers to do the same responsibilities and jobs. That is why it is feasible to locate some slight and often huge variances. The most amazing way to establish just what is expected of you, as an office manager, is to extensively check out all office management tasks listings, particularly the ones that you want to apply for.

Regardless of the possibility of variances, one skill that should be possessed by office managers is that of clerical abilities and understanding. Office administration jobs are frequently associated with word processing and various other computer system skills. If you want to work as an office manager, it is very important that you know exactly what you are doing, in terms of computer system software application use. In addition to currently having some clerical knowledge, you usually have to update and refreshen your abilities, as computer systems as well as computer system software application routinely upgrade.

Good time management is an additional skill commonly called for by lots of workplace supervisors for employment. Time management is essential when working as an office supervisor. Numerous office managers have big to-do checklists. These to-do lists will likely not just include your personal tasks, they might also include keeping an eye on all various other office employees. To properly do this, you must have a good sense of time. When making an application for an office manager position, you could be asked about your capability to wisely handle your time as well as fulfill all required target objectives.

Steve Jobs on Managing People


In addition to time management, you should usually have good management abilities in general. As previously stated, the obligations done by office supervisors will likely differ. Keeping that in mind if you suddenly find yourself running a big office setup, you might also be accountable for managing other employees or even whole departments. This needs management skills. You need to be able to stay positive and exhibit leadership qualities at all times. You need to additionally have great management abilities, as well as good communication skill sets.

You may also want to be somewhat knowledgeable of Government regulations concerning business practices in your country and region. There are various rules that each business has to follow. Additionally, you will need to understand how that business is required to meet applicable regulations or standards to stay compliant, and to maintain and also increase the credibility and efficiency of the company you work for.

Personnel skills are commonly required of office managers, particularly those who will certainly be employed by firms large in size. As an office supervisor, you will likely come into contact with a variety of people, including your employees, your coworkers, as well as clients. It may additionally be your responsibility to work with brand-new employees, or at least, train them. These activities are just a few of the many tasks, frequently done, by business managers that require excellent personnel skills and understanding.

As a reminder, it is essential to bear in mind that business administration tasks come in a variety of various sizes, forms, and styles. Although the above pointed out office administration abilities are required by lots of companies for employment, there are no guarantees. Prior to applying for a business administration placement, it is recommended that you thoroughly check out the work listing, as it is the best way to figure out whether you will absolutely be a professional candidate.

Business Services – Outsourcing Office Cleaning

9 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business’s Office Cleaning & Janitorial Solutions

Office Cleaning

Outsourcing your commercial office cleaning services is a strategic business step for your company. Maintenance companies are one area where outsourcing is a good decision in the center of an imposing workload and tight budget plan. If your objective is making your business a lot more efficient money-wise as well as time-wise, then you will be pleased to see these 9 benefits of outsourcing your firm’s janitorial companies rather than employing an employee to clean your workplace.

Commercial-office-cleaningThere are different kinds of commercial office cleaning companies. Typical ones employ employees/workers, normally for minimum wage. Franchise businesses sometimes employ owner-operator groups or sub-contractors who invest time, money and effort and also want to be successful. In a ‘without supervision’ atmosphere, this version usually provides better outcomes.
Sanitation is the primary concern of high-quality commercial office cleaning firms. Office cleaning companies are also concentrated on this standard as their personnel are educated and their quality of work performance is examined regularly. The cleaning team is not your obligation, however, the responsibility of the commercial office cleaning company. You are also relieved of the responsibility and other interests in the managing of extra staff.

Accessibility of staff.


The concern of holidays, days off, and other attendance-related worries is now removed. Contracting an outside cleaning firm suggests they will certainly be taking care of things, no matter what. If your regular cleaner is not available, it will not be a trouble because they have a replacement team all set to go.
An outsourced firm has the highest possible standards of health and wellness. These businesses spend time and money on security training as well as have high sanitation specifications given that they are trying to adhere to at all times.
When you work with an office cleaning firm, they will keep up to date with the very best products and cleaning equipment. Professional cleaning companies usually utilize only the most innovative and reliable commercial office cleaning equipment.

A Plan That Fits Your Budget

An outsourced cleaning plan can be customized to fit your internal budget.

  • You could customize a timetable to fit your firm’s requirements.
  • You could keep within a budget by reducing scheduling intervals.
  • You could scale up or reduce the quantity of what is outsourced  for commercial office cleaning depending on your demands. If you need a lot more cleaning on a particular day, you could make a call to accomplish this. You do not need to hire added staff on your own.
  • Contracting out can save expenses on upkeep, labor costs, equipment, repairs, uniforms, cleaning supplies as well as other related expenditures. If office cleaning is not your core business, is this truly where you want to spend your time?


Save the environment. You could hire a company that is eco pleasant. There are numerous businesses in your local area dedicated to the environment that use enviro-friendly products. Make sure to ask about this when you’re searching for a Professional Office Cleaning Company

Business Services – Accounting & Bookkeeping

Challenges for growing small companies – Accounting

Employ or outsource your bookkeeping? That is the concern many company owners’ want themselves. Both internal, as well as outsourcing business services options, supply their own unique advantages, as there isn’t really always a specific solution.


As franchisees or proprietors start, they may originally choose to attempt to look after the books on their own. Usually, the owner will rapidly employ a part-time accountant for their needs so they could invest more time in the front-of-house functioning rather than, one day finding themselves knee-deep in documents and paperwork. The accountant comes in for a day or more every 2 weeks to review times sheets, do the payroll, integrate the bank declarations, post current purchases as well as preparing the regular monthly economic statements.
As your company continues to expand, do you establish an internal accounting division or do you outsource? If you contract out, just what does this mean, will become of the bookkeeper that has been with you from the beginning? Outsourcing these business services has the possibility to transform the existing dynamic of your business, but numerous owners typically are faced with the emotional decision whether or not to increase the obligations of their internal accountant, which they may not be qualified to do, or choose to contract out.

Concerns Every Business Owner Must Think about

When is it time to outsource? Exactly what are a few of the triggers? The following are some crucial considerations.

  1. Are you are experiencing rapid development? It’s one thing to offer bookkeeping services for one or two branches, yet when a business starts to grow to 10, 15 or even more the extent of the job works out past exactly what a solitary bookkeeper can take care of. It’s at this point that business owners need to begin to think of streamlining business services to save money as well as boost effectiveness.
  2. Do your accounting as well as finance requirements fall under a category that can be well offered by a specific person or company, that has a specific background as well as skill degree? A solitary bookkeeper may have the ability to manage a variety of jobs as well as do them proficiently. Nevertheless, numerous businesses require particularly sophisticated expertise, economic planning, or data analytics. If you require a more comprehensive variety of skills, you should think about outsourcing, which offers instantaneous accessibility to a complete range of abilities.
  3.  Are you ACTUALLY looking to grow your bookkeeping department, with all the additional costs involved? If you are focused and serious about company growth, a centralized accountancy division is inevitable. Outsourcing some or all of these functions to an outside provider, versus hiring full-time F&A (Financing and also Accounting) staff members, conserves cash. By contracting out, you have the ability to scale up and down according to your needs, and you do not require the additional workspace, workplace furniture, computers or software. The monetary savings can be considerable.
  4. Is your bookkeeper retiring within the next 5 to Ten Years? If so, this is the moment to actually think of your future plans for your accounting department. Do you want the responsibility of hiring, training and handling in-house bookkeeping employees? Do you have somebody in charge to manage the Account and Finance element of your business? Or should you generate get help? If your existing bookkeeper or accounting professional is considering retired life, you must have a backup plan.
  5. Can your accountant stay on top of all the changes in legal and tax areas within the business industry? You recognize that business industry is hectic; the tax obligation guidelines, as well as needs, are frequently altering. entrepreneurs should make sure that their bookkeepers are familiar with changes in tax obligation law, or, turn to accounting outsourcing specialists that understand criteria, payroll needs, as well as correct coverage and records administration, and should frequently stay up-to-date with the most recent bookkeeping rules and legislations to meet their legal commitments.
  6. Do you have the instant understandings you need to make enlightened choices? Independent accountants or accountants typically utilize Excel or QuickBooks and do not bring with them the same access to modern technology that an outsourcing provides. A qualified outsourcing carrier could draw data from POS and various other systems, offering the owner and also any type of essential stakeholders with web access to the most up to date economic information as well as KPI dashboards, anywhere, anytime. This provides at-a-glance details regarding just how every one of your devices is doing. Proprietors could drill down for info by area, by a manager or a worker.
  7. Do you have access to industry standards as well as changing trends? A solitary accountant overseeing the financials for a handful of companies has a limited variety of resources. An outside accounting contracting firm that focuses on business activities has the benefit of a depth of industry benchmarks, ideas, and also trends. A much deeper understanding of the KPIs you should be hitting could help a business remain affordable as well as maintain those control your margins.
  8. Does your present system of audits and safeguards, as well as your software, security and staying on top of modern technology, proactively minimize your threat? Yes, a single bookkeeper or accounting professional can help you in segregation of responsibility. Nevertheless, lots of businesses don’t have accessibility to a controller or CFO who can review prepared claims and also analyze KPIs and metrics that show unusual task and make appeals. As well, the presence of an accredited accountant does not constantly guarantee the best techniques. Outsourcing doesn’t get rid of risk, however, specialist companies have developed accredited processes and controls, like SAS 70 and SOC 1, to alleviate the risk of errors as well as to keep a sharp eye for warnings in data that might show scams or worker theft. Accessibility to protect Tier 1 information centers for your economic details likewise ensures much better business connection.
  9. Is it time to obtain and eliminate a few of the obsolete bureaucracy so your group can be a lot more strategic? This is one of the numerous reasons that businesses choose a mixed strategy of both in-house and also outsourcing these business services. It can be definitely more reliable to allow an outsourcer deal with more taxing features like payroll, general journal entries, as well as month-to-month reports so that your financing team could spend more time on strategic preparing as well as decision-making instead of getting bogged down with day-to-day documentation. Removing lower-level tasks from your senior-level staff members will help you obtain a far better ROI from your team.
  10. Are you thinking about contracting out for unreasonable reasons? Proprietors fret about a loss of control, yet contracting out provides greater exposure and much better record keeping and having access to real-time data.

Finally, owners stress over staff member discontentment, yet as pointed out above, outsourcing business services is a terrific method to eliminate some of the routine activities so that your in-house personnel could focus on the work that makes a distinction to your bottom line.

At some point, you will have to let go, and also, learn how to rely on other individuals to take care of some components of your company you can take care of the remainder.