5 Great Reasons To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaners are hired by the most successful companies on a global level to keep the workplace clean.

Am eco fresh commercial cleaning service offers a variety of benefits for Winnipeg business owners as well as employees. If you have not started using commercial cleaning services. If you operate a business and currently have your staff doing the cleaning, here are some of the benefits you are missing out on.

You will quickly realize that the cost of commercial cleaners actually pays for itself within a very short time.

1. Lower Administrative Costs

You are a savvy business owner, which means that you are aware that overhead and administrative costs take money away from your profits whether your business operates by an hourly billing system or not. From a purely financial perspective, it makes fiscal sense to hire commercial cleaners.

example of a clean desk area

If you rely on managers and employees to clean the business premises, you are basically paying premium salary rates for cleaning assistance. In contrast, if you were to outsource your office cleaning to a professional cleaning company, you would pay less but still keep your offices clean.

2. Fewer Liability Risks

Business liability for employee accidents and injuries is already high enough without having to incur additional risks associated with employees cleaning the business premises. Even if you simply ask employees to clean the office kitchen, you considerably increase the risk factor when it comes to workplace accidents.

Consider this fact: you hired your staff on the basis of their business skill set. It is likely that the decision to hire them was not influenced by their ability to safely clean a microwave oven or correctly defrost an office kitchen freezer.

If you hire a commercial cleaning service, you will enjoy access to knowledgeable and experienced cleaners and prevent several employee mishaps along the way.

3. Improved Office Morale

Nothing about cleaning is inherently demoralizing, but office morale tends to sink if employees are asked to empty the waste bins of their colleagues, scrub toilets, or even to bring trash bags to the curb. Employee dignity matters more than the miniscule amount of money you potentially save by hiring a professional cleaning service.

4. Fewer Sick Days

Random cleaning tasks are no replacement for the thorough cleaning you get if you hire a commercial cleaning service for your business premises. Simply dusting office equipment and wiping the kitchen counter is not enough to keep prevent the build up if dust, debris, and bacteria.

In the absence of routine thorough office cleaning sessions, employees are likely to accumulate sick days due to things such as sinus infections, flus, colds, and other respiratory ailments. If you hire a commercial cleaning service, however, your company will benefit from less sick days.

5. Consistent Replenishment of Supplies

Certain office supplies are specifically for hygiene and cleanliness, such as toilet paper, hand soap, feminine products, furniture polish, trash bags, paper towels, window cleaner, sanitizers, and disposable bathroom hand towels.

Such supplies usually run out at uneven intervals, which can make it hard to track and replenish them consistently. This is just one more task that a Winnipeg eco fresh cleaning service can help you with. Instead of having a highly paid employee try to monitor this important yet mundane task, you can enjoy the service as part of a package deal offered by a commercial cleaning service.