Tips For Maintaining Office Equipment


Tips For Maintaining Office Equipment

The correct maintenance of your office equipment can prolong their lifespan and will help you cut down on the costs of having them repaired. There are a number of steps that you can take to maintain your equipment without having to complete serious repairs.

Position The Equipment Correctly

The position of your office equipment can greatly impact their lifespan. Putting your equipment in the direct line of heating sources is not recommended as the additional heat can cause the machine to overheat. Putting equipment by a cold wall or window is also not recommended as the extreme temperatures can also cause problems with the mechanics. You should find an area of your office that maintains a medium temperature and place the equipment there.

Attend To Paper Jams Quickly

Paper jams in your printer are more than an inconvenience to you as each jam leaves behind small amounts of paper fiber. These fibers will build up over time and cause major problems in the moving parts of the printer. When you remove paper that has jammed you should also use some compressed air to blow out the area where the jam occurred. This will decrease the amount of paper fiber left behind and will increase the lifespan of your printer.

Clean The Machine Regularly

Removing dust and debris from your office equipment is something that should be done regularly. Dust can cause machines to overheat as the ventilation areas are covered. Debris can cause jams within the moving parts of the machine and this could damage multiple parts which require repair or replacement.

To clean your machines you should use compressed air to blow away the dust. Of course, you will need to be careful when using compressed air on the internal components of the machines as it could push something loose. If the machine has many small parts you need to hold the compressed air a distance from the machine to ensure the air does not disrupt the circuitry.

Have Your Machines Serviced

Regular servicing of your machines is the best way to maintain them and ensure that they do not have to be replaced. The repair professional that you choose should be qualified to look at the equipment and will be able to properly clean the machines. The schedule for your services will vary depending on how often the equipment is used.

The correct positioning of your equipment is important to maintaining them. You should also take the time to clean the machines and to have them serviced by a professional.